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Factory of hydraulic pressure of the fluid in saline city

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Limited company of equipment of hydraulic pressure of Jiangsu numerous beneficial (factory of component of hydraulic pressure of limited company of casting die of juice of the juice in crude salt city, Yuan Funing county) , begin to produce hydraulic pressure component from 1976, the unit deciding a dot that is component of hydraulic pressure of high pressure of form a complete set of production of former Electromechanical ministry, metallurgy ministry, unit of member of head office of project of whole set of group equipment technology seductivelies dressed or made up in MCC. Basically produce discharge of press fitting of all sorts of hydraulic pressure component, fluid to rise fall platform and rubbish reduce station and rubbish transfer system. Current, the company has become Electromechanical whole production system is had in the industry, volume product development, design, make, after service produces a business for the major of an organic whole.
Appraisal of valve of blast furnace system meets the hydraulic pressure shut-off valve that the company produces, ball valve, Pan Gang that ever holding by Electromechanical ministry, metallurgical industry ministry go up to undertake full-scale system testing in the spot via concerning an expert, technical index exceeds a level entirely; In the country major project involves steel in 1350 projects, company product classics checks strictly, exceed level of domestic and international congener product entirely; Electromechanical ministry, the State Council is great do a decision to promote product of promotion, use company, rate the company the state major project major orders company of form a complete set surely; Company and foreign trader are joint-stock establish limited company of equipment of storage of saline city Dong Cheng, produces DCY-10 hydraulic pressure rises fall platform (contemporary storage equipment) , with its high level, high quality by Hua Yu of the celebrated China and foreign countries such as computer store transport system is chosen, get the user agrees reputably; Rubbish compresses station and rubbish transfer system to win a state multinomial patent, jiangsu of the “ that be labelled saves ” of new product of science and technology, enterprise to obtain “ Jiangsu to omit name of ” of company of new and high technology. A honor, succeed step by step, won't be a hindrance to our strenuous enterprising!
Top-ranking quality, high-class service, top-ranking speed is numerous benefit firm's fixed concept. Face the intense competition of the market, face higher demand of the client. We more inspect quality and brand to be life; We not hesitate heavy gold builds quality system project, build and passed attestation of system of ISO9001 international quality; We introduce new product of international new technology, new material, development hard (weather strip always uses an entrance entirely) ; We take seriously improve facility of business science level of management, ceaseless newer high-tech, achieve after taking a plant from raw material, total production technology does not leave factory the door, accomplish manufacturing technology one continuous line, reduce manufacturing cost substantially, accomplish and the communication with client close heart.
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