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Control of renown raise stainless steel creates limited company

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Taiwan businessman of department of limited company of products of hardware of Suzhou name raise is solely invested enterprise, repose at highway of raise of name of the city zone of Suzhou city photograph, plant first phase covers an area of a face to accumulate 54000 square metre, always invest 15 million dollar, at present office worker counts 290 much people, engineer of research and development 15 people, stainless steel provides product line 19, anneal equipment, pull filar device, polishing equipment, punching equipment, bent housing equipment, stainless steel flat, roll board, big assign the much station such as an equipment. Had managed systematic attestation through ISO9001-2000 international quality, also built the warehouse for finished product that has powerful storage capacity in Shanghai for convenient client transport company. The company is introduced domestic and international advanced manufacturing technology and detect equipment, make of all kinds stainless steel decorate a canal according to major of standard of national YB/T 5363—2006. Main material includes SUS202, SUS301, SUS304 character, SUS304L, SUS316, 316L, yi Kegen asks to order according to the client make other material simple product. Scope of operations still covers high-grade building hardware, water warm equipment and hardware, the research and development of stainless steel project and relevant goods, design, production, installation. Service territory spreads all over the industry such as report of domestic and international oil, chemical industry, medicine, papermaking, shipbuilding, food, nucleus, war industry, mechanical, household.

Advocate battalion product or service: Stainless steel circle is in charge of advocate battalion industry: Hydraulic pressure tool
Enterprise type: Privately owned Inc. manages mode: Without
Legal person represents / chief: The company registers the ground: Yangzhou developing zone starts raise journey 25
Register fund: 500 thousand yuan - number of 1 million yuan of employee: Person of 201 - 300
The company establishs time: Year turnover: 300 thousand yuan / year - 500 thousand yuan / year
Year exit forehead: 100 thousand yuan / year - 300 thousand yuan / year main management spot: Yangzhou

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