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China write down mould rolled steel (Shenzhen) limited company

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Phone: 0755-27675786

 fax: 0755-29662229

 legal person represents: Xu Guolong

 is in a city: Guangdong

 detailed address: 3-15 of industrial district of abundant of treasure of ground of dragon hillock level ground

 postcode: 518104

 company website: Http:///szhuaji08.diytrade.com

 advocate battalion product / service: Advocate material of battalion entrance brand has: Bar series of ST of 諷 of  iridium unlined upper garment

 manages mode: Commerce

 company describes: China write down mould rolled steel (Shenzhen) limited company is aluminium of aluminous material of aviation of entrance of a distribute, industry talent is professional company. The aluminous material of the world famous brand such as HULETT of Alcoa of distribute United States, south Africa, major pursues American aluminous trade the sale of academician factory aluminium alloy and service.
Our company business contains draw together spaceflight and industry are aluminium board, aluminous club, flat a whole range that uses aluminium. The company has south Africa M61 6061-T651 aluminium board, AA6061-T651 is aluminous board, AA5052-H32 is aluminous board, Canadian Alcan AA7075-T651, AA2024-T351, AA5083 imports aluminium board; American Alcoa AA6061-T651, 7075-T651 is aluminous board, AA6082, 3003, 1015 aluminium board many spots storage. The product is imported entirely, provide foreign simple guarantee, can provide high grade product and perfect service for user of China and foreign countries at any time. Our department is affirmatory: Quality assures. Deliver goods is seasonable. The price is reasonable. . Give us the chance of a collaboration, your choice, your reliance will be our progressive motive force! ! Appreciate the support of expensive department, we will be you to bring the benefit of overflow with the most excellent service surely. (Note: If need material to prove to after ordering goods, can be offerred character! If need material to prove to after ordering goods, can be offerred character!!
Supply the Sweden such as S136H/718H/ASP-23/8407 to get the better of 100 moulds steel
Supply the Germany such as 738H/2344/2510/2311 to scatter rip special mould steel
Supply the steel of mould of Japanese Great Harmony such as DC-53/NAK80/SKH-9/DEX40
Supply the Japanese day such as SKD-11/SKD-61/FDA/SKS3 to establish mould steel
Supply the United States / Japanese Beryllium copper, tungsten copper, 3 treasure of Japanese are pure red metal
Supply 4140/4340/4150 steel of tall pulling force of American fragrance coke
My company is Hua Dong area large stainless steel / alloy is aluminous / of mould rolled steel wholesale, retail specialize in a company, I manage in the hill austral Shenzhen / Long Hua / Baoan, dongguan Chang'an has a little bit minute, workshop gross area exceeds 6000 square metre. Company with distribute high grade and homebred with the entrance material is given priority to, basically be iron of Japanese new day / stainless steel of Taiwan flourish steel; American ALCOA/ Taiwan is black Kelishi / the high quality aluminous material such as Russia war industry; Sweden is gotten the better of 100 / the mould rolled steel such as Japanese Great Harmony. The homebred stainless steel with high grade at the same time distribute (GB----Give priority to with round club) , have good cooperation with the stainless steel manufacturer of other abroad agent and home. . .
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