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2008 the 9th (autumn) exhibition of China International pump, valve

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● proceedings of a conferences and other advertisement:

Proceedings of a conferences is divided outside sending director branch and relevant association, view extensively during congress to exhibit travelling merchant, still will go to through sponsorring unit approach to send the system inside domestic and international course of study and relevant unit. Join please exhibit business to provide company brief introduction (be restricted inside 200 words) publish freely go up in proceedings of a conferences.

Proceedings of a conferences Cover Back cover Seal just a little Inside back cover Cross color page Inside color page is black and white page

RMB 30000 yuan 23000 yuan 10000 yuan 8000 yuan 8000 yuan 6000 yuan 2000 yuan

Ticket: 4000 yuan 10 thousand pieces, 30 thousand Zhang Qiyin; Invitation: 8000 yuan 10 thousand pieces; Aerate arch: 5000 yuan a day

The audience organization of ● major and conduct propaganda popularize:
▼ prints exhibition to visit certificate, send toward domestic and international broad manufacturer and relevant association, be in the whole nation is distributed on fair of trade of each three-year institution of higher learning, invite ginseng exhibit look around.
▼ protocol is in domestic and international a variety of 30 media make many propagandist promotion:
" world pump line of business " " industrial equipment market conditions " " the fluid is mechanical " " pump valve market conditions " " manual of pump valve quote " " industry of Hui Cong water " " current mechanism " " gas with heating power " " petro-chemical " " pipeline technology and equipment " " warm open facility
● internet reachs broadcasting station:
Pump valve trades net net of valve of pump of · China, China, Chinese pipeline network, Jing grand limited company of technology of network of rich of grand of city of net of equipment of construction of pipeline of net of valve of net of valve of pump of net of business affairs of valve of pump of net of · pump valve, China, whole world, pump, China, Hangzhou, China.

Beijing look forward to sends an exhibition to serve limited company

Address: Area of Beijing rising sun east center of international of ocean of the road in 4 annulus 60 buildings C 1301 rooms

TEL: 0086-10-85861238 ginseng exhibits unit affix one's seal

FAX: 0086-10-85861238

E- Mail: Qifa1238@126.com controller signs

Contact: Wang Hong country 0086-013910617799

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