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2008 the 9th (autumn) exhibition of China International pump, valve

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● conference program:
Report for duty cloth exhibits: On October 7, 2008 - 8 days (8:30 - 17:00)
Exhibit formally: On October 9, 2008 - 11 days (9:00 - 16:30)

● ginseng extends range:
▼ pump kind: Vavuum pump, centrifugal pump, metric pump, chemical industry pump, water pump, oil pump, process pump, sewage pump, vortical pump, suck oneself pump, multistage pump, anti-corrosive pump, conduit pump, pulp pump, air conditioning pump, sumbersible pump, swim pump of pump of pool pump, hydraulic pump, magnetic force, gear;

▼ a powerful person kind:

▼ is other kind: Does children's hair stop is teach of uncut jade of Ai of Qian of cook and stir of Hu of aim of children's hair of rare ⒏ of exacting of  of column of ⒎ of  of column of amine of Tang of Qian of  of plum of ⒈ of Nai make a present of taken?

Content of ● congress activity:
Exhibit there is a product to reveal during the meeting, commerce negotiates, the corresponding period will hold technical communication to meet, each ginseng exhibits business to be able to apply for of one's own accord, every technical communication can collect fees, domestic company is 6800 yuan, course of study of condition foreign enterprise is 1500 dollars, time is 2 hours.

● ginseng exhibits expense:

The standard exhibits a cost: (3m×3m) clearing is basic valence (area not under 36m2)

7800 yuan of / of domestic are exhibited, exhibition period of M2 of 800 yuan of / of exhibition period home

Joint-stock 13000 yuan of / are exhibited, exhibition period is joint-stock exhibition period of M2 of 1300 yuan of /

3600 dollars / exhibits the foreign trader, exhibition period foreign trader exhibition period of M2 of 360 dollars /

Ginseng if choose to exhibit,postpone a business reach double mouth to exhibit add close of 20% exhibit an expense.

The standard exhibits an expense: Include to exhibit card of tall wainscot of a field, 2.5m, lintel to make, carpet of 9 square metre, negotiate desk a piece, electrical outlet of power source of 2 chairs, 220v, fluorescent lamp 2;

Smooth land cost includes: Extend a field, security personnel, clean service. (do not include every to make the same score administration fee of meter of 20 yuan of RMBs)

● is special make clear:

Item on display is carried, the matters concerned such as delegate accommodation, will allow with joining the manual that postpone business to be.

Meeting Wu expends everybody 600 yuan of RMBs. (Use at the) such as conference data, lunch, souvenir.

● ginseng extends a program:

● fills in extend an application form, after imposing a rule, mail or fax to congress organizing committee. An a week is extended in application inside will join

Exhibit expense [50%(subscription) or entire section] telegraphic transfer money or hand in to the organizing committee, extend an order allocation principle: “ applies for first, prepaid money, arrange ” first, more than paid before August 31, 2008, sponsor an unit to will inspect its to abandon joining otherwise exhibit, withhold no longer exhibit. Sponsor an unit to receive " ginseng extend application form " with the charge that exhibit a stage hind, will bill and " ginseng exhibit manual " send along with all the others ginseng postpone business. Join the midway after business is being exhibited in ginseng signing up to exit, join gold of the Fu Ding that exhibit place to be not retreated.
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