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2008 the 9th (autumn) exhibition of China International pump, valve

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Time: On October 9, 2008 - 11 days

Place: Beijing · China International exhibits a center

Sponsor an unit: Chinese fluid engineering is met

Chinese machinist Cheng learns fluid project branch

Chinese civil engineering learns water industry branch

Committee of catchment of industrial water supply

Undertake unit: Beijing look forward to sends an exhibition to serve limited company

Assist run an unit: Pump valve trades net · China (Www.cnpv.com)

Net of Chinese pump valve (Www.zgbfw.com)

Jing grand net of · pump valve (Www.bengfa.com)

Chinese a network of rivers (Www.h20-china.com)

Limited company of technology of network of rich of Hangzhou city grand (Www.famens.com)

" world pump line of business " " pump valve market conditions " " industrial equipment market conditions "

" the fluid is mechanical " " current mechanism " " pump valve world "

Valve industry is us general and mechanical main branch. Its product is used extensively at the industry such as oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, city building, environmental protection as equipment of fluid pilot key. Current, valve produces an industry to be in a very favorable development opportunity. Because,this is:

One, state-owned economy stabilizes development continuously. Fixed assets invests escalate. Especially “ of project of a few centuries is enraged on the west east be defeated by ”“ on the west report east the valve product form a complete set with the start working many need that sends north of the water austral ”“ the item such as tone ” ;

2, the affiliation as WTO, bank of international trade door is reduced and the developed country adjusts product structure, china is becoming the oldest processing factory on the world gradually of this one trend show, the treatment of valve product is made be faced with larger development space.

Develop to promote the prosperity of industry of our country pump, valve, in relevant government and guild support energetically below, we “2008 the 9th (autumn) ” of exhibition of China International pump, valve on October 9, 2008 - the center is exhibited 11 days to hold in Beijing · China International, the enterprise that sponsors an unit to will invite country and the area such as the United States, England, Germany, Australia, Italy, Korea, Canada, Spain, Holand, Norway, Japan and Hong Kong and Taiwan at the appointed time will reveal them to be in visit course of study newest product technology and equipment, welcome.

● previous term or session is exhibited can review
Exhibition of pump of the 8th 2007 China International, valve on September 12, 2007 - the center is exhibited 14 days to hold in Beijing · China International, the corresponding period holds: China International gives equipment of technology of catchment water treatment exhibition, exhibit an area 8000 much square metre, exhibit can attract come from domestic and international ginseng of many 300 enterprise is exhibited. Postpone the day that can kick off, 6 stages such as central stage, Beijing stage cover a report this grand meeting, visiting number amounts to 40 thousand much person, get of the personage inside course of study approbate, be called by the personage inside course of study dimensions is baronial, professional class of wide, item on display is face of strong, influence high of start internationally congress. Exhibit much field technology still was held to communicate meeting activity during the meeting, exhibit can obtain consummation.
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