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The 10th China International gives catchment water treatment exhibition

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Film reachs velar component
Technology, material, test is installed related device of whole set of raw material of film and velar component, film and auxiliary equipment, membrane separation plant, film buy
Water equipment
Family expenses / business uses pure water machine, water equipment of water of outfit of filter of machine, condenser, clean water, bucket
Instrument appearance and control a system oneself
System of process control equipment, metric device, measuring instrument, automation, computer emulation system, data logging, management / control mode
Unit of engineering of Wu of water Wu operation and management, water, seek advice with design orgnaization, attestation / test service, research organization / soft hardware of data processing of institution of higher learing, electron, professional publication orgnaization
Store reach other
Container and silo, swim the technology related scene of pool equipment, water, other and water and equipment
] the industry seminar of high level
Exhibit world water environment is allied during the meeting (WEF) the industry seminar that will hold high administrative levels with organization of other international, country and official, assemble global expert scholar, basically discuss with exhibit each concerned main task originally, use a technology in water of sewage, second birth and rainwater for example, development of water natural resources is used with protection, abandon water treatment and recycle, desalination and the velar system of useless water treatment, water safety ensures the heat topic that waits for an industry with health.
] efficient business affairs conjugate serves
To promote the communication of business of industry of water of China and foreign countries and cooperation, enhance the international competition ability of business of Chinese water industry, the organizing committee will be in exhibit company of industry of water of China and foreign countries is run during the meeting conjugate of man-to-man business affairs, it is before the meeting inside global industry limits information of many collect supply and demand, seek to think the Chinese business that enters an international market is mixed come China the course of study of condition foreign enterprise of investment offers advantage.
] invitation target audience

Factory of government sector water supply
Company of water treatment engineering
Sewage treatment plant
Agent and agency
Advisory company
Commercial domain
Scientific research designs an orgnaization

Industrial user includes: The domain such as steely, metallurgy, oil, chemical industry, electric power, papermaking, spin, printing and dyeing, brew, light industrial, pharmacy, mechanical, colliery, food, beverage, electron, electrical engineering, plastic, building.
] join please exhibit an enterprise to communicate contact in time with us, get newest exhibit meeting information
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