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Exhibition of machinery of fluid of 2009 northeast international

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Open an account bank: Subbranch of a bank of development of science and technology of the lake austral agricultural bank Shenyang

Open an account account: 06150001040009355

Ask each ginseng to postpone business at be being landed after March 1, 2009
Www.bfexpo.com.cn download ginseng exhibits manual

Characteristic activity arranges Technical Seminar

Manufacturing industry of 09 northeast equipment develops forum

Content includes: Future of summary of development of line of business of equipment of high-level economy forum, northeast area and program, large company develops program, enterprise 5 years to manage strategy communication on behalf of the success supply and demand of meeting, business sees discuss with sb face to face talks meeting, produce learn to interact meet butt joint of achievement of meeting, own innovation.

Industrial town of military importance accompanies you to swim!

Exhibit 9 years during the meeting, the nonlocal major audience that the organizing committee will organize Shenyang view to exhibit visits Shenyang the activity of area of well-known company garden, be like: Shenyang blast, Shen Fei, north weighs labour to wait. Express gratitude equipment of this city of Shenyang of —— of mobile support unit makes guild. Quota of people is finite, be about to sign up for as soon as possible.

Professional technology communicates lecture Technical Seminar

During exhibition, invite ginseng exhibit an enterprise to conduct technical communication activity, title by enterprise make choice of, refer exhibition of Liaoning north industry and commerce to serve finite liability company to put on record. Rate: 2000 yuan / hour, exhibition of Liaoning north industry and commerce serves finite liability company to offer the establishment of form a complete set such as field, desk and chair, measuring projector, assist an enterprise to organize relevant personage to attend, lecture content is published go up in proceedings of a conferences and relevant and professional media. Application date of expiration: 29 years on March 10. File time of technical communication lecture as early as possible paragraph, certain technology communicates lecture content, will more opportunity gets synchronous conduct propaganda in exhibiting meeting early days to publicize the job.

Ginseng exhibit / look around ask contact

Northward industry and commerce shows limited company

Address: 3 good markets of Shenyang city 5F of edifice of 93 gold source

Postcode: 110004
Phone: 024-23974279 23974759

Fax: 024-23922432

Network address: Www.bfexpo.com.cn
Mailbox: Bf23974279@126.com

Contact: Xu Ying

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