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Exhibition of machinery of fluid of 2009 northeast international

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Goods of machinery of drive of ◇ of all kinds bearing and relevant spare parts, fastener, gear, chain, catenary, standard component, bedspring and equipment, pulverous metallurgy and relevant production facilities, special makings and detect equipment.

Ginseng exhibit charge Participation Cost

The booth that set award reachs exhibition clearing, exhibit Shang Kegen to choose according to needing proper motion
A international standard is exhibited (3m×3m) [do not set 9 ㎡ to exhibit a stage below, if need special exhibit a stage to collect fees separately by actual area] :
Domestic company 5500 yuan (RMB) / exhibit / exhibition period (double-faced mouth is exhibited add additionally close 10% ) ;
Foreign enterprise 2300 dollars / exhibit / exhibition period;
B clearing: (hire since 36 ㎡)
Domestic company 600 yuan (RMB) / ㎡ / exhibition period; Foreign enterprise 200 dollars / ㎡ / exhibition period
﹡ exhibits a configuration: The standard is exhibited include name of 3 boarding, company lintel board, one piece negotiates two desk, chairs, two shoot electrical outlet of a the lamp, power source (220V/5A) (special ask with report state beforehand, collect fees separately) . Empty space is not taken exhibit frame reach any establishment, ginseng exhibit business to be able to arrange special design and adornment by oneself, the major that also can entrust constituent unit to recommend builds a company to undertake design and be buildinged.

Ad fare Fee Of Adertisement

One, proceedings of a conferences
Cover: 10, 000 yuan of back cover: 8, 000 yuan

Chromatic foldout: 5, 000 yuan of black and white foldout: 3, 000 yuan

2, advertisement of visiting certificate the reverse side
1500 yuan / 10000 pieces (dimension is 21085mm)

3, III. Invitation advertisement
2000 yuan / 4000 pieces (dimension is 210170mm)

4, exhibition period is outdoors advertisement

Balloon scroll 2000 yuan / exhibition period (ф 2.581)

Vaulted door 5000 yuan / exhibition period (ф 220m)

Metope scroll 2000 yuan / exhibition period (1m×21m)

Curtain of wall body cloth 100 yuan / M (40m money)

Dao Qi every 50 yuan / exhibition period (not less than 20)

Ginseng exhibit program Application Process

◇ ginseng exhibits unit and exhibition of Liaoning north industry and commerce to serve finite liability company to sign ginseng hair fax is answered after exhibiting a contract to build official seal to 024-23922432

After ◇ contract is signed total ginseng pays to exhibit cost inside 7 days 50% as deposit, more than at paying before March 1, 2009, the ginseng that signs up after March 1, 2009 exhibits an unit to need ginseng of one-time paid sum to exhibit expense

◇ is exhibited allocate arrive to be arranged orderly early or late with the paragraph

Gathering unit: Exhibition of Liaoning north industry and commerce serves finite liability company
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