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Exhibition of machinery of fluid of 2009 northeast international

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★ fan: Fan of special fan, anticorrosive wear-resisting, axis sheds smoke extractor exhaust fan of fan of centrifugal air-blower, collect Ci air-blower, circumgyrate type air-blower, utility boiler air-blower, air conditioning fan, efflux fan, subway fan, housetop fan, high temperature fan, pottery and porcelain, explosion proof fan, fire control, channel;

★ pump: Pump of only course centrifugal pump, multistage centrifugal pump, boiler feed pump, hot water and condensation pump, marine pump, anti-corrosive pump, chemical industry uses pump of pump of oar of pump of mixed flow pump and axial-flow pump, process pump, oil pump, sewage pump, slop, broken bits, well, mixed flow (inclined stream) pump, .

★ fluid project reachs flow industry: The fluid is carried reach drive of storage system, compressor, fan, pressure vessel and fittings, fluid and control system, hydraulic processing system of component of casting die of component, fluid, pneumatic, sealed system, fluid, filter, the fluid is measured reach control system.

★ flowmeter kind: Discharge of force of family name of the turbine and supersonic flowmeter, efflux flowmeter, poor flowmeter that press type, electromagnetism flowmeter, eddy street flowmeter, heterogeneous shedding flowmeter, family, come back into flowmeter, mass flow plan, flow meter;

Sewage disposal, air purifies ★ , desulphurization removes dust, purifying device of depart of equipment of environmental protection process and control, gas and liquefacient equipment, gas, filter to wait for fluid machinery with equipment of separate mechanism, vacuum professional product and technology; Dryer and technology; Decrease gearshift machine, bearing, wait for product of relevant form a complete set and technology.

Transmission extends a share:

Technology of ◇ hydraulic pressure:

◇ pneumatic technology: Air cylinder, supercharger and gas - fluid is made move implement, system of a powerful person of component of job of pneumatic motor, pneumatic, pneumatic, pneumatic and efflux control, compress air device of processing, pneumatic and other, pneumatic is carried out implement.

◇ sealed technology: Extruding is rubber-plastic sealed, runner shaft coming back sealed, move back and forth lever of sealed, a powerful person is oriented and sealed, mechanical sealed, other mat makings is sealed reach material, equip about sealed and special production.

◇ mechanical drive: Mechanical drive component, machine of gear and gear system, fixed equipment, steering gear and transmission shaft, transmission, decelerate, shaft coupling and clutch, leather belt and catenary board roll.

System of ◇ sharp movement: Component of drive of linear slideway, sharp movement / system, electric machine is sent use system of campaign of device, double entry.

◇ electric drive: Common industry electric machinery, special industry electric machinery, servo electric machinery, general and small-sized electric machinery, reach special design dynamoelectric and small-sized electric machinery, motor yuan of parts of an apparatus.
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