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Exhibition of machinery of fluid of 2009 northeast international

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SPTC extends add to go to brilliant, reached relevant guild to give exhibit can larger support, organize formidable battle array before exhibiting a group, will join exhibit, look around, farther promotion is exhibited of the meeting specialization character and internationalization degree. Want to thank ginseng of the following part to exhibit the support that the company comes for years at the same time, 09 window are more, wonderful not allow to miss.

The conduct propaganda of scientific system is popularized, the wide attention of assemble media

Scientific and media conduct propaganda of the system will be become current exhibit the one large window of the meeting. Divide those who continue to deepen place of as global as more than 150 media to build is all-around, outside mutiple level collaboration relation, still plan to be able to report through exhibiting, industry trends, character interview, business news, before exhibiting, preview, if the product is released, visiting guideline, exhibition period news, postpone meeting special issue, exhibit newspaper and the propagandist data that exhibit the of all kinds full and accurate such as meeting electron journal, make powerful offensive, comprehensive promotion exhibits meeting brand and ginseng to exhibit company image, let more professional attention and participate in current exhibit meeting, promotion extends the influence of meeting industry.

Dynamical drive was exhibited 2009 gather together industry elite builds a brand to popularize platform in all

The industry that has force most as northeast area is exhibited meeting, dynamical drive is exhibited the show appreciation for sb that will get celebrity of numerous and indigenous industry and come from domestic and international well-known company take an active part in. At the appointed time more than 200 ginseng exhibits an enterprise to exhibit the bring out the best in each other inside field in 30 thousand square metre, explain the technology with the bannerest industry and solution, develop the mainstream high-quality goods of the trend on behalf of current SPTC industry showpiece, implementation brand group forms a cluster, effect of powerful powerful combination. Can foreknow, SPTC is exhibited will make development northeast market not only, also offer for industry brand enterprise consolidate sale Chen Xian, popularize the fine inning of brand image.

Scope Of Exhibits of limits of item on display

The fluid extends a share:

★ fluid project reachs flow industry: The fluid is carried reach processing system of component of drive of storage system, compressor, fan, pressure vessel and fittings, fluid and control system, hydraulic, sealed system, fluid, filter, the fluid is measured reach control system.

★ valve: Fittings of valve of a powerful person of a powerful person of brake a powerful person, ball valve, butterfly a powerful person, shut-off valve, check valve, relief valve, pressure-relief valve, throttle, force plunger, pneumatic a powerful person, electromagnetism a powerful person, control valve, special type, faucet a powerful person, diaphragm valve, pressure, special valve, valve, etc of all kinds valve and actuating device, lubricant, applied technology;
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