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2008 China (stage city) exhibition of international pump valve

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Stage city will become the target of market of contend of magnate of estate of world pump valve not only, also be sure to become a powerful person of dictate world pump the leading role of huge market.

Ginseng extend range

Pump kind product:

Centrifugal pump, vavuum pump, metric pump, chemical industry pump, oil pump, process pump, sewage pump, vortical pump, suck oneself pump, multistage pump, anti-corrosive pump, pneumatic pump, conduit pump, pulp pump, air conditioning pump, sumbersible pump, swim pump of appearance of the pump below pool pump, fluid, magnetic force.

A powerful person kind product:

Other and a powerful person of a powerful person of brake a powerful person, shut-off valve, throttle, appearance, force plunger a powerful person, faucet a powerful person, ball valve, butterfly a powerful person, check valve, pressure-relief valve, relief valve, drain valve, control valve, blowdown, special with a powerful person; A powerful person kind product of form a complete set and relevant fittings. Pump valve production, production equipment; Detect, the test is mechanical; Maintenance installs tool equipment; Product of relevant form a complete set and accessory equipment.

This second exhibition is professional pump valve grand meeting, center pump valve new product, provide larger choice space.

Ginseng exhibit expense

Standard of A, international exhibits: 9 ㎡ (3m×3m) (standard configuration: Table, chair, shoot the lamp, electrical outlet, lintel board)

1, domestic company: 4800/ is exhibited (double mouth is exhibited add close 10% )

2, foreign enterprise: 1000 dollars / exhibit

B, interior open space: Hire since 36 square metre (do not contain any exhibition establishment)

1, domestic company: 500 yuan / square metre

2, foreign enterprise: 100 dollars / square metre

Buy domestic invitation

Join the innumerable trials and hardships that postpone business to place item on display after exhibiting a stage unmanned however make inquires, heart of hard to avoid is unripe complain meaning, when from a great distance comes round to purchase, visiting business looks for the product that is less than need however, be forced empty-handed and return, we will from go up at all solve this problem.

1, on the constituent job that uses the energy of 80% in major to purchase personnel

Pass old indefatigable effort, my company already was had purchase business database bulkily, will mail, distribute, give many 50 visiting ticket, before inviting professional personage, will look around, order goods.

2, establish information to serve a ministry to organize an audience

My company at holding water during established information to serve a ministry, news of special collect trade and major buy a material, purchase through before a variety of channel invite professional personage, coming, indent, rise hard exhibit meeting quality.
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