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Pneumatic of drive of motivation of international of the 5th Jiangsu, hydraulic

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Move the Nanjing international that investment of division new house builds 3 billion yuan reads extensively the center is located in a river on the west new the city zone, be in the subway 1, 2 lines are handed in collect place, via circling big bridge of city highway and the Yangtse River, the Yangtse River 2 bridges, the Yangtse River 3 bridges, cross photograph of river channel, railway station, airport to join; International reads extensively the center exhibits house area 160 thousand M2, but put level is exhibited 6000, exhibit a house not to have rice of 14—22 of clear height of column big span for monolayer, car and equipment but direct pass in and out exhibits a house; International reads extensively central be in harmony assembled newest design concept, highlighted dragon of “ tiger crouch dish the distinctive color of ” , the exterior novel, establishment is advanced, it is new international of Shanghai of afterwards of Hua Dong area reads extensively of the 2nd modernization after the center large exhibit a house. Pneumatic of drive of motivation of international of the 5th Jiangsu, hydraulic pressure reachs “ ” of weather strip exhibition moves division new house, exhibited business and professional audience to offer more convenient, more capacious, more comfortable ginseng to exhibit an environment to join.
Before congress invites sincerely global travelling merchant, will join exhibit, look around!
■ extend meeting time
Cloth extends time: On September 8, 2008 —9 day 8: 30—17: 30
Showpiece time: On September 10, 2008 —12 day 9: 00—16: 30 remove extend time: On September 12, 2008 16 when hind
■ showpiece content
Component of ◆ mechanical drive
Use at securing tine of the mechanical drive component, mechanical drive cell that is used at mobile machine, gearshift is defeated by component of gear of component, transmission, other, change direction system and change axis, gear to loose mail;
◆ drive fittings
Shaft coupling and clutch, brake and brake system, leather belt and catenary board transmission of motivation of transmission, sliding bearing, other;
Drive of ◆ electric energy
Electromotor, common model industrial electromotor, special model industrial electromotor, servo electromotor, common and small-sized electromotor, special model system of transmission of small-sized electromotor, electric power and convertor, dynamoelectric technology uses component;
◆ drive controls technology and product
Drive system and component, steep drive is oriented component;
◆ compresses air technology
Air compressor (generation air is used) , compressor fittings, compress air processing, harbour to press a technology.
2. Fluid power system reachs component:
Hydraulic pressure: Hydraulic pressure component---Motor of a powerful person of a powerful person of hydraulic pump, hydraulic pressure, hydraulic pressure crock, proportioning valve, servo, hydraulic pressure.
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