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Pneumatic of drive of motivation of international of the 5th Jiangsu, hydraulic

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Exposition of industry of 2008 Jiangsu international- - special subject is exhibited
Pneumatic of drive of motivation of international of the 5th Jiangsu, hydraulic pressure and weather strip exhibition
Time: —12 day ground nodded on September 10, 2008: Nanjing international reads extensively center
Support an unit: China is versed in media of already aid federation supports: Labour of China of net of Chinese hydraulic pressure controls transmission network
China of website of machine of decelerate of sealed net of China of commission of trade of Jiangsu province economy spreads motive instrument net
Nanjing city can exhibit mechanically-laid web of fluid of China of network of transmission of China of net of pneumatic of trade office China
Sponsor an unit: Jiangsu saves machinist trade association network of machine of pneumatics of China of net of valve of pump of China of net of Euramerican hydraulic pressure
Close block of whole world of chamber of commerce of Nanjing of China International chamber of commerce " hydraulic pressure pneumatic and sealed " " vacuum "
Hurried of China International trade is met network of transmission of Nanjing branch China " world of fluid atmospheric pressure " " industrial equipment "
Net of Hui Cong of Hc360 of limited company of Nanjing phoenix exhibition " manufacturing industry informatization " " contemporary machinery "
Assist run an unit: Jiangsu province is light industrial website of association weather strip " weather strip information " " machine tool and hydraulic pressure "
Fastener of standard of association of production industry of construction machinery of Jiangsu province project net " hydraulic pressure and pneumatic " " lubricant with sealed "
Net of atmospheric pressure of fluid of China of limited company of machine tool of Nanjing numerical control " fluid drive and control "
The 2nd machine tool of Nanjing factory website of machinery of limited company international " Chinese machinist Cheng " " machinery is made "
Nanjing international reads extensively network of machine of central China decelerate " industrial automation " " plastic machinery "
Undertake unit: Net of pneumatic of hydraulic pressure of China of limited company of Nanjing phoenix exhibition " the fluid is mechanical " " contemporary make "
Abroad assist do: Hong Kong Gao Wei exhibits drive of motivation of limited company China and Http://www.chinaptc.com of control technology network
■ introductive
Market prospect as be opened ceaselessly and economy grows quickly continuously, the manufacturing industry development of our country is rapid. Economic progress precedes the Jiangsu at the whole nation is saved, be known as “ world manufacturing industry to machine base ” , manufacturing industry comparatives develop, in the meantime, to strong classics of advanced production equipment and demand of technology of form a complete set, regard manufacturing industry as pneumatic of medium dynamical drive, hydraulic pressure and weather strip, comparative in manufacturing industry the Jiangsu province that develop and circumjacent market are having broad demand market and development space. What press pneumatic and weather strip to reveal dynamical drive, fluid is new article, high-quality goods, widen bigger market; Communicate to make domestic and international person of the same trade learns each other together, strengthen cooperation, conspire industry development; To give both sides of supply and demand to offer one is gotten acquainted with each other, negotiate, trading place, pneumatic of drive of motivation of international of the 5th Jiangsu, hydraulic pressure reachs the “ that saves trade of chamber of commerce of Nanjing of chamber of commerce of machinist trade association, China International, China International to close to meeting Nanjing branch is sponsorred by Jiangsu ” of weather strip exhibition, at reading extensively in Nanjing international in September 2008 the center is held.
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