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Pneumatic of drive of motivation of international of the 5th Jiangsu, hydraulic

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■ exhibit service of a norms, advertisement and expense

A, extend a service

The standard is exhibited (3m×3m / )
Domestic company 5800 yuan of /
Course of study of condition foreign enterprise 1100 dollars /

Horny standard is exhibited (3m×3m / )
Domestic company 6000 yuan of /
Course of study of condition foreign enterprise 1200 dollars /

Only place (36 hire since smooth rice)
Domestic company ㎡ of 600 yuan of /
Course of study of condition foreign enterprise ㎡ of 120 dollars /

Mark spreads out character of a 3 2.5m tall boarding, lintel board, one desk two chair, fluorescent lamp electrical outlet of two small cup, 5A one; Publish brief introduction of the company inside 300 words freely.

B, advertisement serves

Cover of color of proceedings of a conferences 8000 yuan
The page inside color of proceedings of a conferences 3000 yuan
Arch (20 meters) 5000 yuan /

Back cover of color of proceedings of a conferences 6000 yuan
Proceedings of a conferences is black and white inside page 1000 yuan
Sounding balloon (10 meters) 2000 yuan /

Inside front cover of color of proceedings of a conferences, 4000 yuan 3
The hand is pulled bag 5000 yuan / 1000
Advertisement of visiting certificate the reverse side 3000 yuan / 20 thousand pieces

C, technology communicates a lecture: The technology communicates news briefing of meeting, news and new product to recommend meet every 4000 yuan / 2 hours, the organizing committee provides field, light, if have this activity,shift to an earlier date to send conference content essentials toward constituent unit please.

■ exhibit meeting conduct propaganda to reach invite buy the home

Professional journal and website wait in many 100 aspirant travel is publicized extensively;

In " Yangtse Evening Post " , " contemporary wall bulletin " , " Jin Ling evening paper " reach the public media such as broadcasting station, TV station aspirant travel publicizes a report.

Wide invite buy the home: The organizing committee prints 300 thousand pieces of visiting certificate, can sponsor an unit through exhibiting, assist run unit, support unit, pass the association inside course of study, society, chamber of commerce, pass conduct propaganda of advertisement of media of professional media, professional website, public; Through phone, fax, short message, email, mail, distribute wait for a variety of means, send machine of package machine, printing machine instrument, model, food to machine machinery, shipbuilding, metallurgy, aerospace, petro-chemical, Electromechanical, car to make, machine tool, construction machinery, steam rub the company manager of the manufacturer that reachs the industry such as fittings, shipping, bicycle, agency, invite them to attend a meeting look around, negotiate, purchase.

Special invite: Cooperate with area of garden of each district industry and economic developing zone, before constituent business sees a group, will look around, negotiate, trade.
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