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Pneumatic of drive of motivation of international of the 5th Jiangsu, hydraulic

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This second exhibit meeting, we will be exhibited actively to join business and buy consider of the home, professional audience, the promotion on strength, dimensions is increased on conduct propaganda the level raises on class, service, in your your kind effort support falls, we achieve pneumatic of dynamical drive, hydraulic pressure and weather strip to exhibit again brilliant!
Before congress invites sincerely global travelling merchant, will join exhibit, look around!
■ extend meeting time
Cloth extends time: On September 8, 2008 —9 day 8: 30—17: 30
Showpiece time: On September 10, 2008 —12 day 9: 00—16: 30
Remove extend time: On September 12, 2008 16 when hind
■ showpiece content
One. Dynamical drive component: The mechanical drive cell that is used at the machine, gearshift gear component, transmission, change direction system and change axis, gear case, gear to loose mail; Connect an axis implement, clutch, brake and braking system all, leather belt and catenary board transmission of motivation of transmission, other; Component of gear of machine of chain, chain wheel, decelerate, other; Linear bearing, 滾 uses cell of bearing, 滾 bead bearing, sliding bearing, bearing; System of transmission of electromotor, electric power and convertor, dynamoelectric technology uses package to wait.
2. Fluid power system reachs component:
Hydraulic pressure: Hydraulic pressure component---Motor of a powerful person of a powerful person of hydraulic pump, hydraulic pressure, hydraulic pressure crock, proportioning valve, servo, hydraulic pressure.
Hydraulic pressure complementary---Filter, condenser, accumulator, ball valve, shut-off valve, pipe fitting.
Hydraulic pressure system---Sideslip system, pressure next systems, timing system, synchronous system, stimulate brace up the system.
Hydraulic pressure technology---Prevent leak technology, pollution to spend control technology, energy-saving technology, gearshift drive technology, yuan. .
Hydraulic component: Hydraulic changes quadrature implement, hydraulic clutch, fluid sticks device of gearing, infinitely variable speeds.
Pneumatic component: Booster of air cylinder, pressure and benzine motivate implement, pneumatic motor, pneumatic complementary, pneumatic of fluid of baric a powerful person, application, a complete set of controls a department
All (include a fluid to control) , compress air equipment maintenance, trunnion and join, device of all sorts of instruments, weather strip and auxiliary equipment, pneumatic is mechanical with training guidance is set reach equipment.
3. Sealed technology: All sorts of balata weather strip, hydraulic pressure projects reach balata fittings, O circle, V oil seal, balata with weather strip and car oil seal miscellaneous, weather strip of type of weather strip of board type balata, lip, metal weather strip, flexible black lead sealed, seal unit, combination is sealed spacer, liquid state, .

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