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Flange of 2008 Shanghai international and valve major are exhibited

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Time: On August 21, 2008- - 23 days (19 days- - 20 days of cloth are exhibited)
Sponsor an unit: Countrywide labour: Chamber of commerce of course of study of Yue of business couplet smelt metal
Association of profiled bar of Chinese cold turn
Guild of Chinese pipe fitting
All previous postpone business: Inc. of treasure steel group
Germany overcomes Laosikuen limited company
Limited company of German LIK flange
The United States is general and electric group
Company of group of Chinese oil natural gas
Team concept unit: American valve and fittings industry manufacturer standardize association
Chinese oil and chemical industry association
Cartel of Chinese electric power is met
Chinese petrifaction Inc.
Cooperative media: Net of Chinese industry pipe fitting
Chinese petrifaction signs up for
Chinese oil signs up for
Chinese metallurgy signs up for
Undertake unit: Shanghai Shen Shi shows service limited company
The MTM exhibition that you understand
On May 10, 2007 - 12 days are learned by metal of chamber of commerce of course of study of metallurgy of countrywide business association, Shanghai, association of Shanghai heavy equipment, China is cold association of curved profiled bar, Taiwan forgings society, Shanghai forgings association of iron and steel industry of association, China (supportive) , steel of group of conduit bureau, dirt steel, saddle, medium the metallurgy of 14 Shanghai international that 15 authority such as petrifaction, Sha Gang organize combination to sponsor is exhibited, conduit of international of the 3rd Shanghai is exhibited, international of the 3rd Shanghai forgings exhibit trade of central & world is exhibited in Shanghai international, in by a definite date the audience of 20134 people place that comes from world each district was attracted 3 days to show up in all in exhibiting limb to show look around, the 3015 abroad audience of the 80 1000 countries in including 6 continent and area, activity of conference of more than 20 forum, offerred development to analyse to present audience reach successful experience.
2008MTM part already referred the information that postpone business
Treasure steel, saddle steel, sanded steel, medium electric, Shanghai weighs petrifaction flying Shanghai heavy industry of pour, north, one steam forgings, good people of Shanghai grand steel, Shanghai movement forgings, one heavy, Xi Menzi, love, detailed data hangs down please ask Shenshi enrols trade department.
2007MTM audience group
Sampling investigation statistic shows the investigation group that can exhibit guild to head with Shanghai: The ginseng of 96 % exhibits business to express to be able to continue to support MTM SHANGHAl2008 to exhibit. Meanwhile, 89. The audience dealer of 6 % shows exhibit still can meet will look around. A variety of evidence make clear, more and more major buy the home to come round in succession MTMSHANGHA is exhibited seek new product new technology, they current exhibit can serve as those who purchase information of information of industry of product of drink of cut up with a hay cutter, knowledge to need the station of classics, the tired time that all these all showed adequately to “MTM SHANGHAI” is exhibited transforms position and reputation. “MTM SNGHAI” exhibition becomes tall, essence, sharp industry big rally undoubtedly. Be in successfully ginseng exhibit business, audience, buy the platform that a convenient, efficient, communication mutual benefit builds between the home, promote trade of global iron and steel oppose afterwards, healthy, harmonious development.
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