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Hydraulic pressure of Tianjin of the 4th China, pneumatic, weather strip reachs

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1, ginseng exhibit an unit to fill in in detail please " ginseng extend application form " , after building official seal, be faxed or hand in send to congress organizing committee;
2, after the enterprise signs up will join inside 7 days exhibit expense one-time collect congress organizing committee to assign an account, exhibit certainly thereby;
3, when bill attends the meeting, financial group is united take or ask to be sent toward according to its; Cash of organizing committee rejection and without look up check;
4, exhibit, unite arrangement advertisement by the organizing committee, allocate a principle: “ applies for first, prepaid money, allocate ” first. Assist run an unit but preferential arrangement. If need to appoint,exhibit, add additionally close 30% ;
5, the organizing committee is in affirm after signing up, the organizing committee is in sessional before 60 days of indrawn ginseng exhibit an unit to send " ginseng exhibit manual " (include item on display to carry Wu of guideline, meeting to recieve, mobile schedule arrangement) ;
6, be in ginseng after exhibiting business to sign up, midway is exited exhibit meeting, be paid exhibit membership due to use an organization the unit is same do not retreat;
7, exhibit can total position for obedience, constituent unit has authority to be in when necessary, undertake adjustment to exhibiting stage position individually, the factor that cannot defy, constituent unit is OK defer or cancel to exhibit meeting.
8, date of expiration signing up: On May 1, 2008
Tianjin makes rich China the exhibition serves limited company

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Contact: Liu Xin 15822927612
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