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2, proceedings of a conferences and relevant exhibit field ad fare
Postpone meeting proceedings of a conference
Exhibit an advertisement

Project marked price (RMB)
Project marked price (RMB)
Project marked price (RMB)

Cover 20000 yuan
Color is crossed edition 8000 yuan
Entrance ticket 6000 yuan of / 10 thousand pieces

Back cover 18000 yuan
The page inside color 5000 yuan
Invitation 8000 yuan of / 10 thousand pieces

Inside front cover / title page 10000 yuan
Black and white inside page 3000 yuan
Arch 10000 yuan /

Inside back cover 8000 yuan
Literal brief introduction 1500 yuan
Balloon scroll group of 5000 yuan of /

※ proceedings of a conferences imports essence of copperplate paper color to imprint for 210mm×142mm, graph Wen Bingmao, main group sends guild, visiting business and relevant section to wait;
Attend an enterprise to be sent to the organizing committee at the Jiang Feilin before May 1 or design draft please, other ad fare calls an organizing committee to negotiate please, advertisement cost is uniform and imprest, one-time paid.
3, meeting Wu cost: 500 yuan of RMBs / person, include opening bender, meeting data of elegant souvenir, sessional lunch, beverage, conference.
4, technical communication meets / new product news briefing: Every home company: 3000 yuan of RMBs / hour, course of study of condition foreign enterprise 1000 dollars / hour. Sponsor an orgnaization to offer the establishment of form a complete set such as field, lamps and lanterns, desk and chair, boiled water and articles for use, assist enterprise of give a lecture to organize audience.
5, assistance item: To show image of company actual strength, outstanding brand, congress ad hoc assist do assistance byelaw. (the data alls alone fully)

>> > reach appreciation service freely
■ be in " proceedings of a conferences " on the brief introduction of Chinese and English company that logs onto 300 words ■ propagandist report exhibition and directional organization audience
■ the standard exhibits a stage to build (clean ground except) ■ exhibit a cleanness to reach 24 hours to exhibit regularly guard
■ join the bosom that postpone business to get stuck ■ assist board and lodging and Wu of bill of transportation going there and back
>> > paid service:
■ advertisement is publicized (dispatch of proceedings of a conferences, entrance ticket, exhibition and advertisement of exhibition hall inside and outside) ■ item on display is carried reach item on display to be put into the house
■ the arrangement that the technology communicates news briefing of meeting, product and organization ■ additional exhibit, dynamical cable and sound resemble equipment hire
■ propagandist data pressworks ■ of other and additional facility rent those who reach additional service to offer
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