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Hydraulic pressure of Tianjin of the 4th China, pneumatic, weather strip reachs

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All sorts of · engineerings are mechanical turbine of system of hydraulic hydraulic pressure, electric power, high pressure fights hydraulic pressure system and spare parts, electric power system of big brake hydraulic pressure reachs system of hydraulic pressure of headstock gear of system of system of fuel hydraulic pressure, hydraulic pressure of wind- driven dynamo, lock, have diarrhoea stages of all sorts of hydraulic pressure experiment, oil system includes oil rig brake, balata 4 roller rolling mill, oil cuts system of tubal machine hydraulic pressure to wait.
Component of · pneumatic compressor, pneumatic complementary, pneumatic internal-combustion engine and small-sized turbine, compress all sorts of air technology, hydraulic pressure pneumatic equipment of motor, vacuum, air is clean equipment, pneumatic 3 big, pneumatic appearance, hydraulic pressure is angry.
· hydraulic changes quadrature implement, hydraulic coincidence implement, jack, fluid sticks device of gearing, infinitely variable speeds.
All sorts of mechanical and · balata weather strip, sealed, hydraulic pressure projects reach balata fittings, O group with weather strip and car oil seal V oil seal, balata is miscellaneous, weather strip of type of weather strip of board type balata, lip, metal weather strip, flexible black lead is sealed seal unit, combination is sealed spacer, .
· mechanical drive: Mechanical drive component, gear and gear system, fixed equipment, car uses gear group, steering gear and transmission shaft, speed change,
Implement system of decelerate machine, gear and other, shaft coupling and clutch, leather belt is mixed accessory of drive of transmission of catenary board drive, special motive force, motivation and
System of dynamical drive expert.
· anti-friction bearing: Bearing, lubricating fluid, relevant component, relevant equipment and accessory.
· moves point-blank: System of linear slideway, sharp movement, electric machine is sent use device.
· electric drive: System of equipment of industrial electric machinery, servo electric machinery, electromagnetism, control.
· compresses air technology:
◆ is exhibited reach ad fare
1, exhibit an expense
Ginseng extend a kind
Domestic company
Foreign enterprise

The standard is exhibited
6800 yuan of RMBs
3000 dollars

Interior open space
Hire since 36m2
680 yuan of RMBs / M2
180 dollars / M2

The clearing outdoor
400 yuan of RMBs / M2
120 dollars / M2

Every standard of 3m of Ⅹ of ※ 3m is exhibited include 3 to exhibit board, lintel, electrical outlet of power source of two smooth canals, 220V, one desk two chair, carpet.

Clearing of room inside and outside: The organizing committee offers the clean vacant lot that requires an area, do not offer any establishment, what need interior company turn over to the higher authorities 20 yuan / the construction administration fee of M2/ exhibition period.
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