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Hydraulic pressure of Tianjin of the 4th China, pneumatic, weather strip reachs

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Mail advertisement: Pass trade administration and each major society, and the database with giant purveyor involves a company to global photograph, purchase business and only
Trade public figure issues invitation letter, ensure truly decision-making ability and the client that purchase actual strength are participated in exhibit meeting;
Itinerate conduct propaganda: The congener major that the choice attends to have dimensions and effect domestic and internationally relatively is exhibited meeting, face professional traveling trader to undertake promotion and audience organize the work propagandist directly;
Present bill plan: Constituent unit will print elegant invitation not less than 200 thousand, distribute an object to be machinery, spin, petrifaction, chemical industry, electron, home appliance, electric power, electric equipment, car to make, shipbuilding, municipal construction, water supply, water treatment, irrigation works, metallurgy, aerospace, war industry, enginery, food, beverage, pharmacy, coinage, advanced purchase business and, perfect plan sending a bill extends assistance business to send invitation to the most appropriate user.
Special invite: Basically be aimed at global each relevant technology society, guild and country concern sectional leader about ministries and commissions and 3 north area, increase an audience thereby contain Troy.
What ◆ ginseng exhibits the effect is strong assure
Current exposition will direct finally with joining the requirement that extends trade to be,
Exhibit experience through doing for years, database of built giant and professional audience (many 201800 information) . Through phone, fax, email, straight mail, visit wait for a form to invite each industry the professional audience of each administrative levels looks around, bend force lets join the ginseng that exhibits business to gain satisfaction to exhibit the effect. Let join postpone business patulous in short time more business. Serve to postpone business at joining heart and soul, with ginseng postpone business collective progress, joint development.

>> > sessional arrangement
Report for duty cloth exhibits: 26-27 day revealed in May 2008 trade: In May 2008 28-30 day
Conclude remove exhibit: On May 30, 2008 14: 00 exhibit meeting site: Tianjin international exhibits a center (Tianjin city river on the west area friendship road 32)

◆ shows a form
Data of prototype, sample, picture, objective, model, character and sound resemble goods, spot demonstrating to wait.
Limits of ◆ item on display
Component of compressor of · hydraulic pressure, hydraulic pressure and crock of baric, hydraulic pressure a powerful person, hydraulic pressure filter, condenser, accumulator, hydraulic pressure hydraulic pump of all sorts of gas oil cylinder.
Direction of a powerful person of all sorts of pneumatic a powerful person, ball valve, proportioning valve, throttle, shut-off valve, servo, micro-adjustable valve, pressure, discharge controls · a powerful person.
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