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Hydraulic pressure of Tianjin of the 4th China, pneumatic, weather strip reachs

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Center of Tianjin — northward economy, the market potential with infinite business chance
Tianjin regards our country as one of 4 big municipalities directly under the Central Government, northward economy center; The “ of the party 915 ” of 16 big ” and “ plan to also bring into Tianjin the country is overall development strategy layout, locate Tianjin at relying on Bohai Sea of annulus of Beijing look forward to, service, radiate 3 north (northeast, China north, northwest) , the face is northeast inferior, build center of shipping of base of modern production research and development, northward international and content to shed a center. Tianjin industry foundation abundant, class is all ready, already formed industry of technology of industry of industry of electronic Information Industry, automobile and mechanical equipment, metallurgy, chemical industry industry, biology and modern medicine, new energy resources and environmental protection industry to wait for the industry of 6 big pillar that is a delegate and base of 12 old products. Tianjin is being mixed with its predominant area dominant position favorable investment climate, after becoming afterwards bead triangle, long triangle, chinese economy grows triode with the manufacturing industry base that provides integrated development potential most.

Product of pneumatic of dynamical drive, hydraulic pressure is the application in machinist job the amount is large, use wide crucial part, it is main mechanical foundation technique, it matters to the performance level of the major whole set of equipment of lead plane, quality and dependability. Drive of “ Tianjin motivation and control technology exhibit ” is the professional exhibition that hydraulic pressure, pneumatic, weather strip and air compress the relevant domain such as the technology, since hold, combine area advantage closely, hold to a brand to run strategy, base oneself upon exhibits the constituent experience of the company at producing professional conference, built the communication communication, optimal platform that establishs product of brand, promotion for industry of pneumatic of hydraulic pressure of China and foreign countries and industrial domain.

◆ audience organization and conduct propaganda are popularized
Media advertisement: Professional media is formed inside constituent unit and course of study affined, be like; " hydraulic pressure pneumatic and sealed " , " lubricant with sealed " , " world industry implement
Material " ,
" the engineering is mechanical " " magazine of electrical engineering technology " , " machine tool market conditions " , " metallurgy is mechanical " , " production technology and machine tool " , " machine tool and hydraulic pressure " , " fluid drive and hydraulic power " , " plastic machinery " " construction machinery is changed " , " heavy machinery " ,
And in area of and other places of China north, northeast, northwest main media puts frequency on concentrated advertisement, release to the whole world on INTERNET internet exhibit meeting information;
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