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2008 China (stage city) exhibition of international pump valve

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Time: On September 26, 2008 - 28 days

Place: Place: International exhibition center of stage state city

Sponsor an unit: Association of project of valve of pump of city of state of stage of chamber of commerce of city of stage of China International chamber of commerce

Undertake unit: Heart of sea of dawn of peaceful wave sea shows limited company

Assist run an unit: China general of stage state city is versed in the Trade Fair sees limited company

Cooperative media: Net of business affairs of global pump valve, net of international pump valve, net of Chinese pump valve, net of valve of Hui Cong pump, net of hardware of Electromechanical of Chinese stage city, net of irrigation works of Chinese stage city, " Chinese pump valve seeks advice " , " pump valve world "

Industry of modern industry of China of —— of energy desk city collects the ground

Base of base of base of production of spare parts of glasses of China's base of China of stage city ——'s largest plastic mould production, biggest autocycle and base of production of car a replacement, China, China's important home appliance and refrigeration fittings production, China's biggest valve and water pump production, China most.

Of valve of China of jade annulus ——

The countryside of water pump of China of Wen Ling ——

In recent years, especially since reforming and opening, pump valve industry regards China as the main component of equipment manufacturing industry, obtained flying development, the abidance that is national economy, healthy, rapid development provided reliable safeguard. Pump valve industry of China absorbs world advanced technique, own innovation through digesting, strengthen science and technology to tackle key problem reform with the technology, the quality of the product and content of science and technology got qualitative promotion, integrated productivity of the industry and level have bigger spoke to spend the ground to rise, formed complete and powerful production system, economic gross has decisive place in countrywide equipment manufacturing industry, become the main force that Chinese equipment manufacturing industry expands flourishingly. The product is in by wide application each domains in the manufacturing life such as construction of infrastructure of electric power, petrifaction, metallurgy, environmental protection, city, a lot of products achieved international advanced level. Did not come 5 years, as the rapid development of China and world economy, diversion works, electric power, oil, day lights each industry such as gas, chemical industry, coal, ethylene, chemical fibber, nuclear power plant each are big of the project throw construction energetically, potential of market of pump valve estate is tremendous, will greet an unprecedented development space.

The pump valve industry of stage city passes harships severe test of more than 30 years, already overwhelm, existing pump valve creates a company many 3000. Those who accompanying Chinese economy to reform further development and progress of global economic integration is farther accelerate, the pump valve business of stage city also will greet it bright and brilliant tomorrow. According to develops foreground and speed to look currently, estimation will achieve 50 billion yuan 2010, 1/5 what hold whole town gross value of industrial output. It is here powerful and the Chinese pump valve of be worthy of the name makes a center!
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