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Project machine is tasted newly with fluid casting die recommend a news briefing

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Move machinist of project of association of weather strip industry, China by Chinese fluid calm sb's anger the “ project machine that trade association organizes jointly uses new product of fluid casting die to recommend news briefing ” to be in Beijing international engineering is mechanical 2007 exhibition and technical communication are met (hold during 9THBICES) . Grab of small-sized hydraulic pressure, hydraulic pressure grab introduced to control a system with hydraulic pressure component, new-style hydraulic pressure on the news briefing, complementary with accessory; Hydraulic pressure is energy-saving the new progress that the technology applies on project machine; Current situation of hydraulic pressure trade and development trend.
Call together book size second the news briefing basically is to introduce the current situation of the technical level of casting die of domestic and international fluid and industry of domestic hydraulic pressure and development to plant of leader of machine of domestic and international project, for project machine company of leader plant and production of fluid casting die builds connection platform, basis double win a principle, build the own innovation system that associated research and development tackles key problem, make industry of machinery of our country project and fluid airtight industry obtain greater progress.

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