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Oliver rolls out environment of extreme low temperature to use a powerful person

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OliverTwinsafeValves developed a kind of new-style microtherm valve, this kind of distinctive valve can get used to the environment of extreme low temperature, will satisfy the client requirement of oil and natural gas industry. This valve passes special design to get used to liquefacient process, basically use at carrying oil and natural gas to arrive from off shore onshore process, in order to avoid dirt, helium is angry, water and heavy qualitative carbon. Carry temperature of the material in the process in this will low to - 163c, so final user people the hope can ensure the system of whole carriage raw material can stand such microtherm condition. Use trunnion is secured and ball valve of side outfit type is designed, and 1 inch of dimension to 16 inches, a powerful person of this low temperature is offerred homonymous double break and one-way segregation structure, and all be made according to ASMEB16.10 standard.

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