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Firm of Japanese piston link exhibits successive and alterable valve to send mov

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Firm of Japanese piston link in “ car of the 39th Tokyo exhibits ” to go up, exhibited successive and alterable valve sends “ move implement (ContinuousVariableValveActuater, CVVA) ” , but the valve of inspiratory to engine mouth undertakes modulatory changeably continuously. “ reduced pump to absorb a loss considerably, rose to light effect ” .

Common engine all passes accelerator shut will adjust amount of air sucked in aeration. If use this kind of means, small valve of pass a barrier can be connected to reduce amount of air sucked in aeration when small negative charge, come so, because produce obstruction into the negative pressure of gas manifold,meet, cause a loss thereby. This is pump absorbs a loss.

And the engine that provides CVVA is not passed shut accelerator, adjust however by right of valve promotion quantity amount of air sucked in aeration. The campaign that uses inspiratory cam is delivered the 1st with the 2nd rocker, what move up and down with accelerator of connective of the 2nd rocker is tectonic. Stock “ deserves to control lever ” in upside of the 2nd rocker, control lever front rotates in the upside of the 2nd rocker mobile. Buy of the end position before controlling lever is the fulcrum of whirligig of the 2nd rocker, promote a volume with respect to adjustable valve so.

This tectonic tentative idea utility is, when low speed rotates, will reduce amount of air sucked in aeration through reducing valve to promote a volume, the quantity promotes to increase amount of air sucked in aeration through increasing valve when high speed rotates. Control lever itself is passed by rotate of guide screw of use ball of motor form a complete set send move implement come drive.

This company thinks, it is with listing air cylinder engine continuously exemple, although all air cylinder all needs to provide control staff, but need to send only move implement can drive is all control lever. Nevertheless, “ is returned cannot direct inside in park engine, need reduces dimension ” further.

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