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Center of research and development of first valve technology holds water

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A few days ago, physics of “ Xiamen university and ” of center of research and development of technology of valve of Ying Tekai of —— of Electromechanical project institute, city flower is installed south formal settle valve base. This school look forward to cooperates, declare of center of research and development of technology of first valve of this city hold water.
According to the agreement, xiamen university rose in October from this year, assist an enterprise to make corresponding technology develop a program, put forward to tackle key problem to crucial forward position technology plan and plan. In the meantime, both sides will discuss jointly affirm the scientific research such as project of whole set of equipment of valve of briny desalt special type, environmental protection, to decoke task. Dr. Zhou Hantao expresses deputy director general of office of Xiamen university technology, the hope relies on the technology of Xiamen university, use the instrument device of the enterprise, research and development gives the product with high content of science and technology, accelerate industrialization of achievement of college science and technology, stimulative industry science and technology progresses.
As we have learned, at present this enterprise already completed construction of industrial edifice frame hand-in-hand luggage is repaired, complete form a complete set of installation of workshop of a steel structure, workshop and construction of building of preparatory office dormitory, already booked a part to produce equipment, predicting the end of the year but start working production.

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