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"Big tall valve " be about to dissolve nuclear class equipment homebred change b

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No matter “ is nuclear power plant, still be nuclear naval ships, in the nuclear reactor that always concerns with nuclear power, nuclear class valve is the important safeguard that safety runs. But in equipment of our country nuclear power plant homebred in the course that change, pump and a powerful person pulled a hind leg severely however, make nuclear class equipment homebred a bottleneck that change. Before 2006, it is in a few big nuclear power plant of our country, homebred valve takes total valve only 4% the left and right sides, and it is a nucleus entirely 2, of 3 class, nucleus of one class for ‘ 0 ’ , the valve of 96% counts an import. Delectable is, regard nuclear class as valve homebred a successful node that change, with Dalian limited company of big tall valve (the following abbreviation is big tall valve) the nuclear island that produces for domestic company place of the representing one class valve, made 2007 report of nucleus of hill of the Qin Dynasty 2 period one, 2, 3 class check valve is homebred change rate rise at a draught 50% , make again this year nuclear power plant of red edge river of 3 aircrew valve homebred change rate rise at a draught 60% , and will make our country more large nuclear power plant of the caboodle that press water of one class a powerful person homebred change rise quickly, what this one significant contribution equips to report of our country nucleus is homebred changing is a huge is driven. ” is in by China nuclear power of nucleus of ministry of environmental protection of mechanical Joint Industry Conference, country and radiation safety center, China was studied nucleus of designing institute, China is electrical engineering recently Cheng is limited company, medium manage of university of company of technology of cable of division China nucleus, Tsinghua, Dalian is versed in the expert of the numerous unit such as the university, sui Yongbin of chief engineer of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference is right what limited company develops big tall valve and affiliation of nuclear report Qin Shan jointly is large press water to pile nucleus of nuclear power plant one class large line of action is completely current forged steel of tall Cv value comes back opened prototype of type check valve to make such assessment.

Nuclear class equipment is homebred those who change is short board
As the aggravate of ” of shortage of cosmopolitan “ energy, nuclear energy source already occupied the 30%~70% that uses to total the sources of energy in Euramerican developed country, and our country still is less than at present 2% , and our country or a the sources of energy use up big country.
In last few years, the adjustment of structure of national energy resources, the pace that makes nuclear cable industry grows is carried ceaselessly fast. Our country " long-term development plans in nuclear report (2005~2020 year) " put forward, to 2020 installed capacity should obtain nuclear report 40 million kilowatt, now level is homebred change rate should achieve 80% . This year June, in guild of 2008 China nuclear energy annual meeting and Chinese nuclear energy can develop high-level forum to go up continuously, national hair changes appoint the vice director holds Zhang Guobao of director of bureau of national energy resources concurrently to point out, resemble China such big country, if do not form engineering capability of oneself nuclear phone equipment, go unhappy forever. And through in last few years hard, of lead plane of report of our country nucleus homebred change rate already achieved the goal of 80% , but the form a complete set of these keys of pump and ——— of a powerful person become however accelerate nuclear class installation homebred the one big obstacle that change.
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