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Blank of home of fill of technology of butterfly a powerful person reachs a powe

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On May 9, 1 billion made of baked clay class press the “ that by Inc. of valve of Jiangsu magic power and Cheng of electrician of Chinese Guangdong nucleus limited company develops development jointly carapace of safety of water caboodle nuclear power plant keeps apart project of ” of butterfly a powerful person, through a year much research tackles key problem, the design that completed safe mec housing finally to isolate butterfly a powerful person, make, passed the technical appraisement of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference.
A powerful person of segregation of air of safe mec housing is one of crucial equipment that ensure nuclear power plant moves normally, the valve of segregation of air of carapace of safety of nuclear power plant that installs on group of domestic nucleus electric machinery at present is mostly import from abroad. This safe mec housing keeps apart the success of research and development of butterfly a powerful person, indicating our country is right realized nuclear report of butterfly a powerful person 100% homebred change, it not only fill home is blank, each technology index all achieves international advanced level, because this has wide market perspective.

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