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AP1000 nation nuclear power plant " optional location inland does not shake "

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Wang Binghua shows president of national nucleus report, developing inland nucleus report is report of our country nucleus in developing course important and decision-making. “ the AP1000 that according to interior nuclear power plant location undertakes the standard is designed is the most appropriate inland nucleus report caboodle. The economy after taller, batch changes security of technology of AP1000 nucleus cable is apparent, in interior construction AP1000 nuclear power plant has distinct integrated advantage. ”

Wang Binghua discloses, at present national nucleus report is advancing the pre-construction that inland AP1000 nuclear power plant builds in the round. Include: Further help concerns the preparation that just fulfils the site of factory of interior nuclear power plant; Begin to organize the design of research and development of executive AP1000 inland power station, decided report of AP1000 inland nucleus is homebred watch of standardization design working hours, had begun to carry out.

The circumstance that comes from ” of report of “ country nucleus shows at the same time, up to now, according to the concerned contract that Zhongfanghemei just signs, the technology of AP1000 of report of 3 acting nucleuses makes over the job to be being advanced steadily. At present ” of report of “ country nucleus presses a contract already accumulative total receives 28 batch, involve 11 technologies to make over tool bag, 475 box 12967 technologies transfer a document, among them all documents that safe report examines already finished consign. The technology that transfers one of main jobs as the technology grooms start already formally. In the meantime, by domestic equipment production enterprise assumes advocate the indigenous chemical industry of the crucial equipment such as generator of pump, pressure vessel, vapour is made also advancing in order.

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