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In hibernate of be out of pocket of little steel look forward to

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Came really in the winter?

According to investigation, of steel price drop to had brought about river Beijing University to approve stop production of medium and small businesses continuously, and the inning that this recombines jointly just about.

Of Heibei steely course of study recombine pace to be being accelerated further.

Is be out of pocket caused be restricted to produce support value?

Price of “ part rolled steel has fallen broken cost price. The Heibei Han Dan that ” held recently is steely (3.76, 0, 0.00% , ) on commerce forum, iron and steel of Heibei article abundant sells Han section chief to say a little helplessly. Price of domestic steel products has steeped fall continuously 6 weeks, drop amount to 1000 yuan.

Price of “ rolled steel falls downward ceaselessly, but raw material cost raises significantly however, only billet cost amounts to 4900 yuan of above namely, rolled steel cost is as high as 5300 yuan, have profit hardly. ” Han section chief admits, a lot of enterprises are in all the time since first half of the year this year ” of “ keep the wolf from the door, and this basically comes from the cost that raises at carrying ceaselessly.

Cost is not the unique difficult position that the enterprise encounters. Since second half of the year, most the business that makes Han section chief afraid happened, slow down of demand of market of “ rolled steel, order decreases apparently, contract of system marketing of a few steelworks is very difficult now. ”

Han section chief introduces, a few steelworks are chasing after agency to order goods now, give all sorts of favourable measure to be sold in order to promote, but the situation that although still appeared so,nobody dare receive variety of partial low rolled steel.

Estimate according to him, generally speaking, the wave motion of rolled steel price has one year two rounds, but special this year, belong to extreme prices, from the beginning of the year all the way overgrowth, not accord with the rule, now is to retaliate a gender to glide. “ considers current market condition, during including an Olympic Games, be restricted to produce because of stop production, raw material rises in price, order decreases wait for influence of a lot of element, manage the Heibei steely enterprise that is afterwards hard to will continue to increase. ”

This round of price has seen “ probably bottom, if drop again, can come through restricting output only guaranteed price. This one viewpoint of ” Han section chief is in the resonance that a lot of steelworks caused on forum that day.

At present steelworks inventory still shows “ increase a current, if rolled steel price drops again, much production is met much be out of pocket, had had frowsty stove of company stop production. He says ” .

Save metallurgy guild statistic according to Heibei: Medium and small businesses of close 1/3 of Han Dan area already stop production or half stop production, the influence is produced can 10%~15% . The blast furnace of Tang Shan area, accept environmental protection processing and high cost restriction, the enterprise manages difficulty, have 50% stop production or frowsty stove, the abundant that divide a country, ferry on the west outside a few reduction of output, the company that already 40% is control is in condition of stop production, half stop production, output falls 30% the left and right sides. Tang Shan area shares strip steel product line 41, have 12 production only.
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