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The European Union is the world go up but the area with the rapiddest development of second birth energy, also be to be benefited most area.

The European Union was promulgated 1997 " but second birth the sources of energy develops white paper " , made “2010 year but the 12 % ” that second birth the sources of energy wants to occupy European Union total the sources of energy to use up, “2050 year but the sources of energy in country of whole European Union forms second birth the sources of energy in the grand goal that should achieve 50%” . And Japan antedates to began to carry out “ new sunbeam to plan ” 1993, the development that accelerates batteries of smooth hot season, fuel cell, hydrogen to be able to reach ground heat energy to wait is used; Ever since Japan carried out “ solar energy again ” of plan of housetop of smooth hot season and ” of plan of “ earth second birth, technology of its light bend over had great progress in 90 time. The United States put forward to increase the development plan of green electric power stage by stage, basically be to pass wind-force to generate electricity, the sources of energy of Guang Fufa report, raw material generates electricity etc will achieve a goal, predict to 2020 sun's rays bend over generates electricity will occupy the United States to generate electricity at the appointed time install machine increment 15% the left and right sides.

And actually, the technique such as firedamp of solar energy water heater of China, country has gone alive bound front row. According to statistic, 5 years China already threw capital of 15 billion yuan of national debt to expand rural marsh gas early or late recently. Up to by 2007, chinese country door already amounted to 26.23 million with firedamp, be equivalent to managing the fossil the sources of energy of coal of 13.6 million tons of standards. First of great capacity of Chinese that Chinese investment builds is windward power power station also began operation 2007, power station casts postpartum stand-alone formally year electricenergy production can amount to 4.4 million kilowatt hour. Construction of telegram of wind of the China end 2007 already broke through 6 million kilowatt, predict installed capacity will break through Chinese wind report 2008 10 million kilowatt.

The sources of energy and finance, it is two nouns with current world the most ablaze economy. Global the sources of energy was mixed in November the grand meeting of financial domain, will have those who come from world each country at the appointed time on 1000 CEO gather together Beijing, discuss the sources of energy of global energy demand, international jointly collaboration of development of price, new energy resources, finance and energy market can last the heat topic such as development, at the same time congress still will pay close attention to particularly and research developing country and burgeoning nation market are in what what be faced with in international energy vicissitude of the market a series of socioeconomy problems, and how does industrialized country make sure the sources of energy can last the problem such as development.
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