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Lukewarm city pioneer develops 3 positions pneumatic successfully 3 ball valve

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The near future, the 3 positions pneumatic that one client needs to buy 2 PN16, DN50 3 ball valve, requirement 0°-90°-180° closes to open 1- respectively - 2.

Foundation of company of lukewarm city van its operating mode, the proposal is used perpendicular 3 ball valve, the client accepted a proposal. Vanward company begins to design instantly, because this is vanward company first time,produce 3 positions pneumatic 3 ball valve, it is the innovates opportunity of the company, so Xiang Hua of vanward general manager connects gentleman and relevant technology personnel to spread out discuss, after course discussion, determined its structure, with vanward company former some is perpendicular 3 ball valve are improved, undertook the design gives a picture. Assembled a success on May 26, did function test, all accord with design requirement.

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