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Have fluorine close " line fluorine dominates a powerful person or family " obta

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In August the middle ten days of a month, zhejiang has fluorine of line of “ of limited company of fluorine close valve to control ” of a powerful person to obtain a country to invent patent. Patent date is ZL200610072149.6. This is bureau of national intellectual property awards this company to include the outward appearance practical and design, new-style the 15th patent that waits for patent category with the invention. Come nearly 10 years, have fluorine close pay attention to science and technology and union of industrial development phase very, walk along “ to produce learn to grind the development road of ” own innovation, own development, already became what home is the same as an industry to get at present army person.

This invention made public fluorine of line of a kind of efficient intelligence to dominate a powerful person or family, the setting has pistil of lid of canal of antrum of body of a powerful person, a powerful person, inlet tube, exit, a powerful person, a powerful person, inside antrum of a powerful person, valve base is set between inlet tube and exit canal, the fluorine that whole shapes is made on the face that inside antrum of a powerful person, inlet tube and exit canal likelihood and liquid contact plastic layer, in appearance of lever of the pistil of a powerful person of an organic whole, a powerful person face whole shapes fluorine is plastic layer, on lid of a powerful person likelihood and fluid connect touched place, make the fluorine that whole shapes plastic layer, what narrating valve base is the annular fluorine that an organic whole of as plastic as the fluorine inside antrum of a powerful person layer shapes plastic valve base. Control construction of whole of a powerful person originally so simple, precision tall, installation and maintenance are more convenient, and reduced all sorts of corroding, leak. This fluorine is plastic the layer is to use stretch mould to wait pressure shape the law machines, machine precision so tall, flow path small, system pressing reduces resistance of smooth, valve, energy-saving effect particularly apparent.

This invention overcame existing control a powerful person is not anti-corrosive, and the defect with complex structure, it is good to provided a kind of anticorrosive performance, the fluorine of efficient intelligence line with simple structure dominates a powerful person or family.

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